EOS Fundamentals Course

Learn everything you need to know about EOS. From how does EOS work, how to get your first EOS, and how to use the multiple EOS Wallets, DAPPS, and other Platforms.

Concept : Learn the basics of the EOS Blockchain.

This course will cover everything you need to know to get you started in the EOS Ecosystem. From how the technology works to what makes it the most scalable blockchain available to date. From how to get your first EOS Tokens to how to create a unique account, use an EOS Wallet, Vote for Block Producers, and use the full power of your EOS Token-holder Status.
There is no prerequisites for this course, everyone is welcome onboard.

Chapter 1 : Blockchain Fundamentals

What is Bitcoin?
What is Distributed Ledger Technology?
What is a Smart contract?

Chapter 2 : Welcome to Crypto

What are CryptoCurrencies?
What are they used for?
What is the relationship between Crypto and Blockchain?

Chapter 3 : Consensus Algorithms

What is a Consensus Algorithm?
What is byzantine fault tolerance?

2hrs 1min.

Chapter 4 : EOS Fundamentals

How to explain EOS to Grandma?
EOS Main Features
Who is Block.One?
What is a Block Producer?

Chapter 5 : Smart Contracts

What is a Smart Contract?
What are they good for?

Chapter 6 : Decentralized Applications

What is a DAPP?
What makes an Application truly Decentralized?
Why are DAPPS Important?

Chapter 7 : Welcome to EOS

How to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies?
How to Securely Store your Crypto?
How to use an EOS Wallet and create an EOS Account?
Transfer EOS, Vote for Block Producers, and More.
What is implied in becoming an EOS Token Holder?

Chapter 8 : Where is Blockchain Going?

Possible future outcomes for Crypto
Future Blockchain Use Cases
What will happen to Bitcoin and EOS in the Long Run?

Chapter 9 : Conclusion

Course summary
What are the next steps?
Personal Contacts

Hernan Arber

Lead Mentor

Hernan brings 15 years of development experience to the table. From developing full mobile apps single-handedly to leading full Dev Teams. Hernan is very involved in the EOS Space as an advisor, developer and EOS Evangelist, constantly helping out people and projects in the community.

Hernan is also a very passionate Entrepreneur and Musician, you can check out his music projects and download his own Music App LOOPACKS.

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