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EOS Israel makes top-quality events for the community.

We have been blessed with having the best people in the EOS ecosystem present at our meetups and expose the audience to new ideas and possibilities.


Crypto DeFiance , Singapore , Nov 16th

BlockShow, Equilibrium & EOSDT proudly present

Crypto DeFiance is a new global DeFi event that unites established innovators, financial market disruptors, DApp developers, experienced traders, avid technologists, and the wider blockchain community. You will hear from industry thought leaders on DeFi regulation, technical DApp development topics, real world use cases, DeFi adoption, impacts in developing countries, and much much more.

The event will shed light on the future of DeFi, revealing more about the bright prospects of decentralization. Meet and network with leaders in the blockchain space to share your ideas and discuss hot DeFi topics. This is a must-attend event for everyone interested in DeFi.

When: November 16th

Where: National Gallery Singapore


Previous Meetups

The EOS Israel Community Gatherings are all about good people getting together and meeting the key personalities within the EOS World. Our Events are ALWAYS Free and we welcome all people from any country, and any other blockchain community.

#EOSFORDEVS - EOS Gathering for Blockchain Developers

Closing the Blockchain Week in Tel Aviv with a golden ribbon, EOS Israel is calling upon ALL Blockchain Developers and Entrepreneurs to join us for a classic EOS Gathering full of cool people, interesting topics, and tasty Pizza and Beer!

The DAPP Side of the Blockchain - Get your DAPP Funded!

Our new Series “The DAPP Side of the Blockchain” is All about DAPPS and The Business side of Developing a Blockchain Project.

#BuiltOnEOSIO Special 2.0 - Exploring the potential of EOS

This time we are meeting on our second episode on our #BuiltOnEOS Series, where we explore the Possibilities that the EOSIO software enables.

EOS Birthday Pre-Party @ Tel Aviv

Celebrating 1 Year of the EOS Mainnet and over 1 Million EOS Accounts

EOS #BuiltOnEOSIO Special

The EOS Community gathers once more in Tel Aviv!
This time, we are celebrating the wonderful EOS DAPP Ecosystem and the wide range of Development Opportunities that the EOS Blockchain Technology has to Offer.

EOS SisterChains - Community Meetup

We are meeting for the 1st TIME in 2019! this time to celebrate a truly unique phenomenon of the EOS Ecosystem: EOS SISTERCHAINS.

HanuChain- The 1st Ever Blockchain Hanukkah Party!

Come to join Blockchains Factory, 101 Blockchains, and EOS Israel, for Hanuchain – the first ever Blockchain Hanukkah Party 😊

HALLOWEOS Costume Party - by EOS Israel

We have come a long way since the Launch, even though it has only been 4 months! It is time to Celebrate the EOS Way, with a geeky-but-cool costume-party / meetup.

The ETH-to-EOS Trend - EOS Israel Community Gathering

This time we will be talking about a Hot Trend that keeps heating up

EOS DAP|PITCH - Pitch your DAPP to the EOS Community

The EOS Mainnet is ALIVE & ROCKING! and now it is up to us, the EOS Community, to make this the best blockchain platform the world has ever seen. 

Blockchain Governance Forum by EOS Israel

Is Blockchain Governance the natural evolution of blockchain technology? Or can it lead to centralization?


We are the EOS Community in Israel. If you like Blockchain and Ethereum, you will LOVE EOS! Come meet us, we will speak about all things EOS Related and Cryptocurrencies in General.

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