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We offer consultancy, education, promotion,

and development services for your business. 

What we can do for you

EOS Development

We develop intuitive and robust EOS applications. From an initial Idea to an established business that wants to implement the benefits of the most scalable blockchain platform, we got you covered!

Eos Israel has partnered with EOSphere Dev in Australia and Kaplink in Ukraine, which allows us to scale our team within a few days notice.

Business Consultancy

Do you want to get your business to off the ground? Maybe it is already running and you just want it to really take OFF!

Are you considering EOSIO Technology for your business and you want to get a better understanding of its benefits?

Maybe you already decided to build on EOS but you need to establish strategic business partnerships.

Community Engagement

We strongly believe that adoption comes first and foremost through understanding. If you want users to adopt your platform you need to get your message across.

Let us be your partner in reaching out to the community and getting your message across in a way that not only the Blockchain Community will understand, but that will also drive world-wide adoption to your product.


Presentations and Keynotes

Do you want your company to know how the most scalable blockchain technology actually works?

Is your organization interested in learning about EOS and its thriving decentralized applications?

Hernan can convey the EOS Message in a way that even the most skeptical non-believers will feel intrigued by EOS and get interested in knowing more.


Service is our goal, what is yours?

Which service are you Interested in?

What type of Organization do you Represent?